Cody Johns is a recording artist, actor, influencer and entrepreneur. Cody was born and raised in South Florida and began his career as an social media pioneer. With early viral internet success in 2013, he generated millions of fans and brand deals with Coca-Cola, Disney, Microsoft, Sony & more. Cody was also instrumental in the creation of Niche, a startup business that links brands with social media influencers —  which would eventually be acquired by Twitter.

Cody also worked on a variety of projects in the theatrical space, including Hulu’s original “Dimension 404,” Hey USA X, YouTube Red Original “Alexander IRL,” Maker Studios “Summer Forever,” and independent feature “FML.” Even with this early success, Cody’s first love is music. Growing up in the church, Cody was always a singer and songwriter. In 2017, Cody penned an iTunes #1 Songwriter single for his brother Marcus Johns.

Later in June 2017, Cody released his solo debut single “There You Are”, followed by “Tropical Romance” in September 2017 (premiering with Entertainment Tonight) and then “Trust Me” in November 2017 (premiering with Access Hollywood). Cody has received coverage from Forbes, BuzzFeed, AdWeek, NBC News & more.